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January 19, 2022


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Watch “Riad ul-Jannah and Rawdah, The Heart of Nabawi Mosque Medina” on YouTube

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The heart of the mosque houses a very special but small area named Riad ul-Jannah (Gardens of Paradise) or Rawdah. It extends from Muhammad’s tomb (Rawdah) to his pulpit (minbar). Pilgrims attempt to visit the confines of the area, for there is a tradition that supplications and prayers uttered here are never rejected. Entrance into the area is not always possible, especially during the Hajj season, as the space can only accommodate a few hundred people. Riad ul-Jannah is considered to be a part Jannah (Paradise). It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that Muhammad said, “The area between my house and my minbar is one of the gardens of Paradise, and my minbar is on my cistern (hawd).”


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